The Patrioskas should be the most known Colombian Craft for exportation. These are appropriations of Russian Matrioshkas (nesting dolls that fit one inside the other), but bullet shaped and painted like our most known politicians; some known by their violent behaviors, some as murderers or drug patrons, and others known as martyrs killed fighting for freedom, or for the truth that they believed in. The legitimate Patrioskas should be shaped in lathe by a prisoner of one of our high security jails. These series were shaped by a prisoner known as "Rojas the Colombia Lathe Shaper", Colombia being the patio were he was confined at "Casa Blanca", prison located at Villavicencio, Colombia.

Simón Bolivar
Rafael Núñez
Rafael Uribe Uribe
Manuel Quintín Lame
Alfonso López Pumarejo

Jorge Eliecer Gaitán

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla
Luis Carlos Galán

Pablo Escobar Gaviria
Alvaro Uribe Vélez
Manuel Marulanda Vélez
Alias: Tiro Fijo

Balas Perdidas - Ricochet Bullets
As with most of goods, there are bootlegs and legitimate ones; this series called "Lost Bullets" is considered a bootleg of Patrioskas, as it was not shaped by a prisoner but by an artisan called Luis Rodríguez based in Ráquira, Colombia. The characters depicted in these series are related to Colombian politics as well, but somehow have a weird story: actors in politics, clowns in politics, literally being lost for years because of being kidnapped, mercenaries, or sneaking into foreign foreign governments to be found every where as Waldo or Wally, wait, both are the same person.
Ernesto Samper
Carlos Castaño
Ingrid Betancourt

Bruno Díaz as:
"Fercho Durango"

Antanas Mockus

Bombas - Bombs
Bomb were made as a bootleg Patrioska too. The ceramic work was made by Luis Rodríguez and the political characters I depicted were chosen as they fitted the profile of bombs as well as being quite overweight. The Rodríguez - Orejuela brothers were known drug lords during the 80's and early 90's until they were captured. Fat Fabiola is a stand-up comedian who got into politics, only one example of several embarrassing congress people voted by citizens. The 4th one, Álvaro García Romero, was the first "parapolitico" to be captured, these are white collar thugs who uses government money to finance paramilitary groups. 

Vestidos para matar - Dressed to Kill
The characters in the set "Dressed to Kill" are based on stereotypes of criminals. This is the last of the sets I made for bootleg Patrioskas. I wanted to depict the different types of thugs that are commonly known, choosing their size by hierarchy of power among society, or representing how big of a threat they are with their size. From small to big: Street Robber, Femme Fatale, Hitman, Serial Killer, Druglord and White Collar.