Hamburger World

Employee of the Month is a series portraying photos of employees of a fictional diner called "Hamburger World". The employees I chose are immigrants from different origins, and I painted them using traditional headdresses from the cultures they belong to, as well as wearing the diner's uniforms. They are also wearing a name tag with an Americanized version of their birth name. The aim of this series is to question the viewer about the cultural diversity of the working class in the U.S. and how their cultural identities are often vanished by forced assimilation of a new culture.

In the other paintings I use the burger as a symbol of imperialism, I depict hamburgers in different places of the world, the American food can be found anywhere and this is at the expense of locals losing their own culture and risking their own businesses and economy.

Employee of the Month



Hamburguesa Criolla



"Itchy Ring"
In Cockney means Burger King

Nni Adinma
In Igbo it means "Unhappy Meal"